Refutation to KJV-Onlyism

*Elder J.R. Ensey just released his most recent (435 p.) work on the current errors being propagated by several ardent – albeit misinformed – Oneness KJV-Only advocates.  As a contributor to this book I can attest that Elder Ensey leaves no stone unturned and factually refutes the outright misinformation put forth in recent years concerning this topic.

*In this tome, Bro. Ensey interacts with renowned text-critics themselves as well as consults and offers further insight(s) into the most respected and meticulous treatments of this issue.  For those interested in the raw facts of text-critical issues and the transmission process – devoid of emotional appeals – this highly exhaustive publication is easily the most recent and in-depth treatment of this subject matter.

*Of course, we have addressed this topic before on this blog HERE (see also the “comments” section at the bottom of this article).

*Elder’s Ensey’s treatise can be purchased HERE.

*God Bless!