Junia(s) Part II

*In light of recent published works advocating the heretical doctrine of “women preachers” in the office of the NT ministry and eldership we are taking a momentary break from responding to Edward Dalcour.  I am currently working on a categorical surrejoinder to Dalcour’s most recent erroneous and typical charges against Oneness believers – stay tuned for more soon!  Additionally, I am presently (and carefully) analyzing the claims made in these most recent books – as I recover from a recent (second) open heart surgery – and do intend to offer a rejoinder to the assertions I have read thus far.  

*In the meantime I wanted to post a link to accomplished Greek grammarian Dr. Micheal Burer’s most recent defense of his original article co-authored with Dr. Daniel Wallace – which solidly and exegetically refutes the notion that Junia(s) of Romans 16.7 was a supposed NT “apostle” (HERE).  In particular, Burer offers concrete textual data debunking the inaccurate claims of Linda Belleville and Eldon Epp.  Burer’s current rejoinder only further validates the veracity of the original (2001) exegesis and appeared in the December 2015 edition of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (JETS).

*HERE is a link to his paper – enjoy!