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*A Oneness Pentecostal apologetics blog by Roger Perkins with an emphasis on the originally-inspired languages of the Bible (i.e., exegesis) and hermeneutics-proper.

*Below are several links to debates that we have done over the years:








24 comments on “About Us and Debates

  1. Marco Quintero says:

    I’m brother Marco, I was just in the foyer at the church were I attend ( Faith Tabernacle junction city, KS) after prayer, and I saw on a display the books by Brother Trecce, the work he translated from original languages of the Bible to English by his own research. I was wondering if is going to be useful for you on your work. God bless Sir.


  2. Andres Landeros says:

    God bless you pastor Roger. My name is Andres. I go to union city apostolic church. I was watching you on YouTube and commented on a video Sam shamoun posted. He blocked me of course after he cussed me out. Just want you to know I have your back. That clown needs JESUS. He most definitely is not a worthy debater. God bless you. One Lord, One Faith, One baptism!!


    • Perkins says:

      Thank you much Bro. Very kind of you. Yes, I am told by others that he is constantly deriding me.

      However, with his open concession of worshiping a “God” who exists w. “Three separate minds & even images or body’s””—he only has himself to blame for that debate. It was not the strength of my argumentation, but rather the weakness of his “Trinity” hypotheses.

      Again, thank you for writing! May God bless!


  3. James Morris says:

    Enjoyed your debate with Sam Shamoun. Will you be debating him again in the near future?


  4. cuchillas says:

    Hello brother Perkins!
    I have learned a lot from watching your debates with trinitarias. I wished I have found more on YouTube.


  5. Hello Bro Perkins
    Saw your debate against Goliath in NZ. Great job !
    He is the best debater trinitarians have. He is their heavy weight.


  6. Bro.watts says:

    Bro Perkins,
    Thank God for men like you. That will stand for truth.


    • Perkins says:

      Thank you for your kindness Bro. Watts. Would post more, but currently taking Hebrew…which is killing me 🤓. May God bless.


    • Thomas says:

      I appreciate your earnest contention for the faith. I am new to this oneness doctrine but it dispels all confusion. Thank you for your work remain encouraged


      • Perkins says:

        *Thank you for your gracious words. And yes, biblical monotheism and Christianity does indeed dispel confusion—which is another reason why I exchanged Trinitarianism for biblical Christianity (the most important reason was that the Scriptures command me to). God bless.


    • Bro.Watts says:

      Greetings brother Perkins in the name of the Lord, excited with great anticipation of viewing your next upcoming debate. After watching the white debate it left me thanking God for men like you that love truth. Our prayers are with you as you endeavor to continue forward in this quest for truth.


  7. apostlemark82 says:

    Hello Brother Ritchie and Brother Perkins. I enjoyed both your debates. I have been dialoguing with a Michael Burgos. You can follow me on twitter @marksheppeard . I’m always tweeting out early Church history, quotes from early fathers, commentary & exegesis of scripture proving the Oneness of God.


  8. Hello Mr. Perkins, I’d hope you’d take a look at my new book, Against Oneness Pentecostalism. If you cannot purchase a copy from Amazon, then let me know and I’ll send a copy out your way. If you’d like to interact further contact me at Michael@biblicaltrinitarian.com. Have a pleasant summer.


    • Perkins says:

      *Mr. Burgos – I am aware of your recent book. I have read some of your works before – as well as listened to portions of your debates w. James Anderson and Steven Ritchie. Just to be transparent, due to what I’ve heard and read from you before, I was not really all that interested in your newest book.

      *However, to be completely fair to you, perhaps you’ve furthered your biblical education since that time (as hopefully we all have) and I should take the time to review your recent work. If you wish to send me a copy of your book I will review the material in the future.

      *Regarding future interaction, I am currently in the process of relocating across country to accept the pastorate of a church and my time will be severely limited for the forseeable future, but perhaps we can pursue dialogue subsequent to my reviewing your book (?). I will try to email you soon w. an address, but again, I’m currently snowed under w. this move.

      *Note: I would only be interested in discussing precise exegesis of the biblical texts contra theology. I’ve been working on an exegetical rejoinder to Edward Dalcour’s book off and on for several years now, but still have a long way to go. {Plus, the staggering misinformation consistently causes me to lose interest.}

      *Thank you for writing.


  9. Right on brother Perkins. I enjoyed watching the debates and the excellent articles on the home page. Yes it is true that we need more men like brother Perkins to defend the Oneness Apostolic Faith. Thus we formed a new Oneness Apostolic Apologetic Ministry at http://www.ApostolicChristianFaith.com
    I have five debates posted against Trinitarian theology and two on water baptism.


  10. mike gallard says:

    I would like to see more of this stuff on the web. Good stuff.


  11. Rev. Rutland says:



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